Interested in Speaking at a DC416 Event?

At DC416 we welcome speakers who will captivate, inspire, and teach our growing community. We encourage presenters of all experience levels (Students, InfoSec Enthusiasts, & InfoSec Professionals) to submit a talk through to our CFP.

Having an official CFP process will help us continue to organize meetups with quality learning content for the DEFCON Toronto community.

To submit a proposed talk for one of our DEFCON Toronto Monthly meetups see below for instructions.


1. Download the DC416 CFP Submission form here (Microsoft Word & Libre Office Compatible)
2. Fill in at the very least, all mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk
3. Upon completion of the form, save it with the following naming convention: DC416_CFP_[Primary Speaker Name]_[submission date in MM-DD-YY]. Eg. DC416_CFP_JohnSmith_03-01-19.docx
4. E-mail the PDF to with the subject line “DC416 CFP Submission: [Your Proposed Talk Title]”
5. A DEFCON Toronto representative will confirm receipt of the submission within 5 business days

Tips for Successful DC416 Talks

Key Components to Successful DEFCON Toronto Talks

  1. Storytelling
  2. Demos
  3. Hands on Activities
  4. Tailor Your Talk to Your Audience
    • The audience demography at DEFCON Toronto events is mix of Students, InfoSec Enthusiasts, and InfoSec professionals of varying experience levels (Analysts, Engineers, Architects, Management, Executive, etc.)

Aren’t Sure What to Give a Talk On?

Take a look at previous DC416 talks in the archives here